I just wanted to say thanks for helping again.

I am having a little better luck now that I have my new Apache Derby Book.


in my setNetworkServerCP.bat I added c:\calcJar to the end like this so it could find my class.

set CLASSPATH=%DERBY_INSTALL%\lib\derby.jar;%DERBY_INSTALL%\lib\derbytools.jar;%DERBY_INSTALL%\lib\derbynet.jar;c:\calcJar;


I noticed that

set CLASSPATH=%DERBY_INSTALL%\lib\derby.jar;%DERBY_INSTALL%\lib\derbytools.jar;%DERBY_INSTALL%\lib\derbynet.jar;%CLASSPATH%

wasn’t working.  it would set some of the environment variables but not all of them.  It was leaving the directory containing my function class out.


isn’t that kind of kooky?

I mean if you do an echo and environment variables display, wouldn’t you expect the batch file to work?

I caught it when reading the dos screen of the batch file commands when the setNetworkServerCP.bat ran.


I really like derby compared to a few other db(s) I’ve fooled with.


have a good weekend,