I just received my derby text book an hour ago.  I was playing around with the echo commands it had for windows dos and noticed that even though I had set an environment variable for my eclipse directory (I followed same procedure laid out in the book for the demo application that comes with derby) in the CLASSPATH when I do an echo it skips over that entry.  I suspect if I can figure out why in the world it would do that I may fix the problem.


this makes me angry.  i can screw up enough on my own without this.


I have to go to work now.  my hobby will have to wait a bit.

if anyone knows why, please help.

thanks - jim


screen prints –


values in my environment variable



console window showing an echo –

C:\jadeCheckBook>echo c:\derby\lib\derbyclient.jar;c:\derby\lib\derbytools.jar;c






batch file echo command –