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From Suresh Thalamati <suresh.thalam...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Issue with Derby when using with IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 18:54:55 GMT
Stanley Bradbury wrote:
> Suraj Batuwana wrote:
>> Hi Stanley,
> In addition, if my assumptions about your configuration are correct, the 
> datasource you  define for WAS CE is trying to connecting to the WAS CE 
> network server (e.g. localhost:1527) and trying to access the database 
> of the Maven Network Server - you should be addressing the Maven Network 
> Server (   <ant:arg line="start -h localhost -p 1530"/>) - this could 
> result in the "ERROR XSDG3: Meta-data for Container.." error you as 
> seeing (presumably in the derby.log for WAS CE, the database might 
> already be locked by the Maven Network Server).
> It is a shame that WAS CE does allow you to utilize the Network Server 
> it starts, I assume this is done because of security concerns.
> If this doesn't help please ...  supply the information from 
> '....NetworkServerControl sysinfo' as well as any console messages that 
> may be displayed.  (am referring to the Network Server console messages 
> for both the WAS CE instance and one started by Maven).

Hi Stan and Suraj.

I am bit puzzled about "ERROR XSDG3: Meta-data for Container.." and 
would like to learn, why this is happening in this setup.  Typically 
this error occurs, if the container files are corrupted (due to disk 
corruption or the database is on some kind of network file system 
where  file syncs are not getting synced.


1)  is this error happening only on a particular JVM  ? ( I saw in 
your e-mail you were using 1.5(j9) and  1.4 ; On which jvm you saw the 
error first ?  If once the corruption occurs , it won't go away, so it 
   does not matter if you change the jvm, unless you created new 
database , for both runs.

2) are you creating the database on a network drive ?

3) Are you seeing any files with zero length in the <database name> 
seg0 directory of the database.

4) Are you able to reproduce this error consistently on a new database ?


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