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From Stephen Caine <step...@commongrnd.com>
Subject Re: Qilan and Derby manager (was: Re: Have you tried 10.2 beta?)
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 13:36:33 GMT

The Qilan image file is designed for the Mac OS.  The Qilan Data Base  
Manager (QDBM) is a web based tool built with AJAX.  We do not  
provide this separately (yet).  QDBM is part of our Tomcat  
installation.  I think it may be best for you to wait till we release  
our next update (due in about a month or so).

So, in sum...  When you download Qilan, you get the Qilan Developer,  
Tomcat, Derby, and QDBM.  All the configuration is done for you so  
that the parts work together.


Stephen Caine
CommonGround Softworks, Inc.
> I tried downloading Qilan to try out the Derby manager. Is it only  
> available for Mac?
> The file I downloaded (the only one available as far as I could  
> see), was a Mac image (.dmg). I know these supposedly can be  
> converted to .iso images and then I can mount/burn it, but that  
> seems to be jumping through a lot of hoops :)

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