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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: 10.2 licensing issue
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 00:12:43 GMT
Rick Hillegas wrote:

> I can see two alternatives for us:

> 1. Ship 10.2 on the current schedule but do not include the JDBC4 
> drivers. When run on Java SE 6, Derby 10.2 would  continue to expose 
> our JDBC3 implementation. In addition, we  would remove JDBC4-specific 
> documentation from our user guides and prune out the JDBC4-specific 
> javadoc.
> 2. Delay the current 10.2 schedule until after JDK 6 goes GA. At that 
> time we could release a version of Derby which includes JDBC4 drivers.
> Given the length of time since 10.1 was released, the uncertainty of 
> the exact date of JDK 6 shipment, and the number of new features 
> included in 10.2, I think that (1) is a better plan. Of course, this 
> is up to the community to decide.
 I do not think we have enough user feedback for 10.2 release just based 
on regression risk.  We heard that the JDO tests passed and the Torque 
tutorial ran.  We got a few questions on the list about how to 
upgrade.   We got serious  feedback from a single user who reported 
multiple serious optimizer regressions.   That's it as far as I can tell 
from users. We got quite a few regression reports from development  that 
folks stumbled upon.  

Many of these regressions sadly have already made their way into 10.1.3  
and therefore are being picked up by users for production.  If this were 
a medical trial for a blood pressure medicine and not a database what 
would we do?  Our one patient in the trial of our next generation 
medication is finding multiple issues that have made him very sick and 
we find that many of these same regressions are in pharmacies now.   I 
think we need to notify the user community of the situation, try to get 
more user input on 10.2 and  flush out more regressions.   We port fixes 
to 10.1 to try to get it to  a stable state and then release 10.2.  Also 
any ideas anyone has for new optimizer tests would be good and folks 
could write those. 

Those are all my ideas for now.  It could be that lots of users  have 
tried 10.2 without problems but haven't reported in and then it is just 
a matter of getting them to speak up.  I will work to rattle the bushes 
around here and please ping groups where you work and ask them to try 
10.2.  I will also send a message to the  user list to try to get more 
user input.

 See feedback I know of at :


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