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From "Marl Atkins" <m...@softlinksys.com>
Subject Connection problems
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 19:22:52 GMT

I'm having problems connecting to the database sometimes.
I'm pretty sure it has to do with not successfully closing it.
If I reboot the problem seems to disappear.

I've got a line in there that should close it down (taken from Francios
Orsini's demo) in the stop proc of the Applet.
I'm hoping that  will help but I'd like to know a little more about the
rules of connection.

How many concurrent connections are allowed?
Is there anything I can do to further ensure that it closes when the applet

The code I'm using to close is:

public void stop()

public void closeDBase()

        catch (Exception e) 
            //Shutdown was already completed
        } finally 
            oCn = null;
            ds = null;

Marl K. Atkins
Microsoft Certified Professional
SoftLink Systems, Inc.
(407) 388-1886 

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