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From "Peter Karich" <peat...@yahoo.de>
Subject Workaround of 'grant' or hiding columns
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 16:21:30 GMT

I walked through all documentation and some forum posts.
And I figured out that there is no support for granting privileges on  
select, update etc.
Now my questions are:

1. Which release will support grant?
2. Is there a dev-version that already supports grant?
3. Is there a common workaround (on grant AND revoke)?
4. Is there a special workaround for this situation:

I have a table Person with two columns: secureCol and publicCol.
And I want that only some users, can do

select * from Person -- result: secureCol, publicCol

And untrusted users (e.g. U1,U2,...) will get only publicCol.
I tried it with 'creating a view' for every untrusted-person:

create view APP.Person as select publicCol from U1.Person

But this does not work, because user U1 can do
set schema APP
and he gets full access on the Person-table.

Please, can you help me? This would help me and my opensource project!


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