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From Stephen Caine <step...@commongrnd.com>
Subject Re: beta now available for testing
Date Sat, 26 Aug 2006 18:59:16 GMT
>> Can I set the derby.database.allowPreReleaseUpgrade property in  
>> the Derby properties file?
> Yes, you can.

Did this and it worked just fine, except that for a 40,000 record  
database, I am getting timeout errors.  I gather that the update is  
dynamic, performing its tasks as the database is accessed.  For a  
smaller database, no problems.

This is not a big deal.  I can test with a smaller database.   
Actually, "allowPreReleaseUpgrade" is really neat.

We are incorporating Derby into our web product Qilan.  As soon as  
10.2 is ready, we want our users to be able to use it.  We are also  
building a web based GUI manager for Derby.  You will be able to  
create/edit schema, create/edit table data as well as execute SQL.

What we are waiting for is the ability to delete a table column.   
This is a significant feature omission in the 10.1 Derby release.

Stephen Caine

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