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From SOA Work <soaw...@web.de>
Subject improve performance on large insert numbers
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 12:30:41 GMT

Hi there,

I'm currently using derby to log values applying in my application.
One value consists of a string, a date object and a double value. Not much data. But I want
to insert  a huge amount of entries.

At the moment inserting 10 000 entries takes about 2 seconds. Now I would like to here your
opinion about how to improve performance (if possible).

Here the ideas I'm currently using (comment if you want)

1.) I use a table without indexes, primary keys and so on. 
"create table log(id varchar(50), value double, timestamp date)"

2.) I use the embedded mode

3.) I use a prepared statement "insert into log values (?, ?, ?)"

4.) I disabled auto commit and use addBatch for all 10000 entries. at the end I call executeBatch()
and commit()

I would like to here your suggestions or comments.
Best regards

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