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From Charlie Kelly <Char...@CharlieKelly.com>
Subject Re: good visual schema browser for derby?
Date Sun, 27 Aug 2006 15:54:38 GMT
IBM's Cloudscape Workbench does all of the things that ask about (and 
its free)..
It is built upon Eclipse.

Additionally, the Data Tools Project (DTP) within Eclipse also provides 
the features you request,
and permits you to extend them. http://www.eclipse.org/datatools/

P.S. I highly recommend Eclipse for both software, and database, 

Charlie Kelly

Michael McCutcheon wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a good visual schema browser that works well with 
> derby?
> Additionally, are there any graphical tools that allow me to create 
> tables, relationships, etc.?
> I'm just tired of using IJ. It feels like using 'bear skins and 
> knives' to do database development. (stolen from spock on the original 
> star trek).
> Netbeans give me some basic stuff but it is too basic I feel.
> I'm seen some tools in the past, but the were all geared toward other 
> databases and did not work to well with derby.
> What tools do you use?
> Thanks for any recommendations...
> Mike

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