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From Marc Schlegel <Marc.Schle...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: How To Run Derby on a PocketPC?
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 00:08:18 GMT
Tim Luksha schrieb:
> I wrote this in response to our first thread on this topic but here it is 
> again since you only seem to reference my other post:
> I'm sorry, the correct class to use with j2me is EmbeddedSimpleDataSource.  To 
> get jdbc.jar with wsdd 5.7.1 you have to do the following in the feature 
> updates box:
> 1. Click "IBM Micro Environment toolkit for Extension Services 5.7.1"
> 2. Click "Extension Services for WebSphere Everyplace"
> 3. Click "JSR 169 (BETA) for Extension Services 5.7.1"
> 4. Click "install now"
> If I remember correctly, wsdd may prompt you saying it needs other things.  It 
> will not try to get the other required packages automatically but each one is 
> available in the feature update box. Once you successfully install jsr-169, 
> the 
> jar should be located at:
> \IBM\DeviceDeveloper\wsdd5.0\technologies\eswe\bundlefiles\jdbc.jar
> Tim
Thank you a lot guys. It works.

Note: I had to install "SMF Bundle Development Kit" first and afterwards
the extension toolkit.


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