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From Stephen Caine <step...@commongrnd.com>
Subject Re: beta now available for testing
Date Sat, 26 Aug 2006 18:00:27 GMT
> Upgrade is disabled in alpha and beta releases of Derby, but you  
> can enable it by setting the derby.database.allowPreReleaseUpgrade  
> property (java -Dderby.database.allowPreReleaseUpgrade=true ....).  
> If you set that property, your 10.1 database is booted in soft  
> upgrade mode, which means that the database will still work when  
> you go back to Derby 10.1.
> If you set the property *and* add ";upgrade=true" to the connection  
> URL, the database will be upgraded to the 10.2 format. In that  
> case, the database cannot be booted with Derby 10.1 any more. And  
> if the database format is changed between the beta and the final  
> release, it might not even be bootable with Derby 10.2.
> You should absolutely not upgrade a database to 10.2 beta unless  
> you have a backup!

Thank you for the warning.

Can I set the derby.database.allowPreReleaseUpgrade property in the  
Derby properties file?

Stephen Caine

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