Hi All,

I am trying to create a encrypted  Derby Db using com.ibm.j9.jce.provider.J9JCEProvider.  This JCE provider comes with IBM's J9 JRE. I am using J9 JCL Max and this J9 comes with j9jceprov.jar which is a JCEProvider.

To debug the problem I downloaded Derby source and successfully set up a local development environment. While looking at the source code I found that  in org.apache.derby.impl.services.jce.JCECipherProvider class'
public int encrypt(byte[] cleartext, int offset, int length,  byte[] ciphertext, int outputOffset) method is throwing this exception.

I understand that this exception is thrown when  the given output buffer is too small to hold the result . Thats why I updated this method as attached in Updated_Encrypt_Method.txt to make sure that outbuffer is always sufficient.  Now after this change if you check the Debug statements printed in attached OutPut.txt  then you will find that length of ciphertext array and out put of cipher.getOutputSize(length) is always same and its still throwing ShortBufferException. And in that case it should not throw this exception.

For your reference I am also attaching my test class which is JDBCTest.java. Please also note that I am using J9 as my JRE.
If I run the same test program with IBM 1.4.2 JRE and use either IBMJCE provider (which comes with IBM JRE 1.4.2) or BouncyCastleProvider its working fine and I can successfully create the encrypted database.

Can anyone please help me with this strange problem? Is it the problem with com.ibm.j9.jce.provider.J9JCEProvider I am using ?

Thanks and Regards,

Supal Patel