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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject My comment to Lance ( Was Re: should Clob.getSubstring() allow length of 0?)
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 17:02:49 GMT
Now that the  Clob.getSubstring() thread is back on track,
I wanted to try to clarify my OK/Not OK post in Clob.getSubstring()  
thread  and apologize for any trouble it caused the community or 
Lance.   There I think were actually many points  of   misunderstanding. 
and poor judgment on my part.

1) I certainly was totally off base in thinking  Lance was talking about 
the user code.  It was something else entirely and I was clearly 
misinterpreted it .
2) Given that misperception,  I did not make clear the my reasoning for 
posting which was not out of personal insult but more out of general 
community concern.

   a) That developers are nervous about posting their code  or posting 
to the list.   Humorous jabs can make that worse and the problem is not 
that they feel insulted, they just feel hurt and embarrassed  and  feel  
this tremendous  need for time travel to go back and fix it.  Of course 
they can just post new code or a clarification to their  post  to fix it 
but still there is this tremendous apprehension.

   b)  The general tone on derby-user.   I actually have a filter set up 
for my derby-user mail, which is sad. I think sometimes the tone on 
derby-user is not the supportive environment I would like to see it be,  
so thought it might be good check in on what was OK/Not OK.   Even if 
this was what I thought it to be originally, I didn't think it was 
really bad, just a point for reflection.

3)   I did not give proper context or indicate the level of seriousness 
for the OK/ Not OK exercise.  I am the mother of a 9 year old and we 
have been engaging in  OK/Not OK interactions since my son was 3.   The 
flow goes something like this.
Parent -   Think about what you just said to Johnny.  Was that "OK"  or  
"Not OK"
Child -   "Not OK". "shouldn't have said "stupid"
Parent -  "Good.  Now go play and be nice to each other"

4) I have a tendency to bring my motherly tendencies onto the list which 
is sometimes "Not OK"   Will work on that.

Anyway,  I have made a thousand mistakes here on the list, including the 
4 above in just this one post.  My time travel machine has been broken 
for sometime so I send this repost to help  understand each other and 
try to improve and try to make the end result is as "OK" as it can be.



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