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From John English ...@brighton.ac.uk>
Subject Re: Migrating CLOBs to new DB schema
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 14:02:58 GMT
J.English@bton.ac.uk wrote:

> I have a database where I need to change the schema for a couple of crucial
> tables. This involves changing the types of some fields, so I can't just do
> an "alter table". The tables contain CLOBs, so I can't use the provided 
> export/import procedures. This is what I have tried so far:
> * Dumping the data to a file using the output of an IJ select as the basis
>   for the modified data and turning it into an insert statement. IJ barfs
>   when the CLOB data is a string constant >32K in size.

I've now got it almost working by splitting the CLOB into <32K chunks and
   'foo' || 'bar' || 'baz' ...
but one set of data barfs with error 54006 (the length resulting from CONCAT
operation is greater than 32700). It works fine with other data which is the
same sort of size. The things I'm concatenating are all string constants.

Anyone got any ideas here?

  John English              | mailto:je@brighton.ac.uk
  Senior Lecturer           | http://www.it.bton.ac.uk/staff/je
  School of Computing & MIS | "Those who don't know their history
  University of Brighton    |  are condemned to relive it" (Santayana)

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