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From Stephen Caine <step...@commongrnd.com>
Subject Derby Manager
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2006 19:56:47 GMT
Derby Users:

This is my initial post to the Derby User List.  As introduction, I  
am the CEO of CommonGround Softworks, publisher of Qilan  
(www.qilan.com).  Qilan is a tool for creating JSP's easily and  
quickly.  We have been developing Qilan for many years, linking to a  
variety of back-end databases via JDBC.  Many of our users have not  
had the technical or financial ability to work with commercial  
systems and have asked us if we could develop links to Apache Derby.   
In our upcoming version (3.0.8), Derby will be fully integrated.  Of  
note, is our inclusion of QDBM (Qilan Database Manager).  We have  
written our own web based manager that allows for SQL execution,  
schema design as well as table data export in a variety of formats.

I hope our manager is helpful to the Derby community and encourage  
you to submit comments/suggestions.

If you want to download Qilan (v3.0.7), it can be obtained as  
shareware from:


Thank you for your time.

Stephen Caine

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