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From Ray Kiddy <kid...@apple.com>
Subject Using Derby within the JDK
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 17:35:26 GMT

I just saw the e-mail asking for a doc on how one uses Derby in a  
J2EE environment.

So, Derby is going to be or is part of the JDK. How does one use it  
in that environment? In all the flavors of that environment?

The instructions I see are a bit odd. I got the network server  
working and then, the next day, could not remember the incantations  
from the night before.

Does anyone still use korn shell? I know guys who used to work on  
mainframes who use it, but nobody else.

If Derby is in the JDK, there is going to be a whole new class of  
users. Those who remember AOL hooking up to the Internet remember how  
fun that can be.

So, is anyone thinking of a more accessible set of docs on the  
initial setup? I am willing to write something, but I probably have a  
different approach to these things.

If anyone has any suggestions, please speak up. Criticisms are ok,  
too, but I do know databases and have set up and maintained several  
different kinds and I just think using a db that is in the JDK should  
be a lot more obvious.

thanx - ray

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