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From Suavi Ali Demir <dem...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Apache Derby (in the guise of Java DB) now shipping in Sun Java SE SDK
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 18:58:25 GMT
Updateable views would make it easy. Regards, Ali
Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter <edson.richter@mgrinformatica.com.br> wrote:
  Unfortunately, for developers, TBDITW don't allow change column names, 
datatypes, nullability, etc...
At least, no without large efforts (like creating a new table, migrating 
all data to new table, dropping constraints & table, creating a table 
with correct columns, copying data back, recreating constraints...)

So is still necessary to develop in another database of preference (to 
get speed and productivity), then migrate to Derby... and cross fingers 
to not need change anything after app is in production, because changing 
a column on a table with million of records take hours... and need too 
much attention to not make mistakes, then I give it up. Forget. I can't 
deal with Derby in production, not now... I'll be very happy when this 
would be possible.

Anyway, it's a great database... work like a charm in static database 

Sorry by the rant,


David Van Couvering escreveu:
> As you may or may not have seen on the blogosphere, build 88 of 
> Mustang includes Java DB 10.2, Sun's supported distribution of Derby 
> 10.2.
> This is great news, both for our team and for developers. Developers 
> get the Best Database In the World (TM) out-of-the box, and Derby will 
> likely get a lot more users and attention!
> If you want to check it out, please go to
> http://download.java.net/jdk6/binaries/
> David

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