If I understand it correctly you need to move your database from embedded
to a networked one. Here are some choices:

1) If the server is on the same machine:
There is no need to write any code to move from one to another. Just start
the Network server either:
- by setting the 'derby.system.home' to the location of the original database. (make
  sure that original database is not booted by any other application)
- start the server in any directory you wish and make a connection from the client giving the full
  path to the original database location:
For example:

  where 'c:\temp\databases' is the directory where 'mydb' resides.

There are some examples in the docs at:

(same examples using 'jdbc:derby://<host>:<port>/<path to database>' will work)

2) Copying the database:
You may also choose to copy the entire database directory to the desired location where the database server
has been started.

In either of the cases, you need not write any code.

However, if the above is not what you intended, could you provide some more info about your scenario.


On 5/8/06, Srujan < srujanv@gmail.com> wrote:
I have to write code in java to transfer the data from Derby on Embedded
connection to Derby on Server. I just wonder wheather its possible.
before i start doing(writing) something.