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From Michael Andreasen <mich...@dunlops.com>
Subject Re: Out of Memory
Date Mon, 15 May 2006 18:24:31 GMT
I'll attach file as the format went a little mad when added in line.

Michael Andreasen wrote:
> Here is a demo.
> It will run ok on my desktop with -Xmx8m. However, I'm using the 
> database for real on a CDC device and 8 meg is about the total memory 
> I have for the database and the snall application together, so I'd 
> really like derby to operate in 4 or 6 meg tops. Speed is not top 
> priority here, so long as it actually operates. However, using -Xmx6m 
> or less, I can't even get the test to complete without running out of 
> memory.

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