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From Stanley Bradbury <Stan.Bradb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [WWD] Review of Final Chapters (5 and 6)
Date Thu, 04 May 2006 20:38:12 GMT
Thanks again John. I find dialog like this very helpful.  I too am not 
an expert  but have talked to a lot of people who use Derby.  It is very 
possible, however, that the perceptions I have gotten are not the norm 
so I appreciate questions and suggestions like you have posed.  
Responses to a few specific points interspersed:
John Embretsen wrote:

> [SNIP]
> Perhaps it is better to encourage people try it out, than to scare 
> them off with warnings of what _might_ happen if they do this and 
> that. Of course, users who (willingly or accidentally) double-boot a 
> database risk corrupting their data, but the manuals have that covered.

I am feeling fairly comfortable with the changes implemented in Derby to 
prevent double-booting when using v 1.4 and higher JVMs.  It is 
certainly much harder to perform a double-boot now than when v 1.3 JVMs 
were in common use.  This is why I did not emphasis the issue in the WWD 

> [SNIP]

> Yes, I think a document explaining the basics (and more) of the 
> different architectures/frameworks would be useful, and better than 
> including it all in the WWD document. Most of it is covered in the 
> manuals, the web tutorial or elsewhere, but I miss a document where 
> all the different embedded/client/server configurations are discussed 
> and compared, such as:
>  a) Pure embedded Derby
>  b) Derby client/server, including:
>    b.1) Derby "stand-alone" server framework
>    b.2) Derby "embedded server" framework
>      b.2.1) Managing the embedded server using the API
>      b.2.2) Managing the embedded server using system properties and 
> the embedded driver
>      b.2.3) Accessing Derby in this configuration using the embedded 
> driver
>      b.2.4) Accessing Derby in this configuration using the client driver


I have saved this list and will try to address most, if not all, these 
issues in the document I referred to earlier

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