On 4/12/06, Dheeraj Dhiman <dheeraj.dhiman@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello !!
I want to switch from sql server to  apache Derby for my project .
I wanna run a procedure like this in apache derby .

create procedure testProcedure( @personid Integer )
select fullName , fatherName, age, income, grosssalary from persons where personid = @personid ;

But it is not working .
How could i write this procedure in apache derby !!

Thanks & Regards !!
Dheeraj  Dhiman !!

Hi !! Dheeraj !! Dhiman !!
Derby does not currently support sql procedures or functions.
You can write a java function to do what you want, see for instance our manuals, (see the Documentation tab off the main Derby page.), the Frequently Asked Questions (
For instance: http://db.apache.org/derby/faq.html#null_args
which points to:
http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/db-derby-user/200602.mbox/%3c4404E53D.1050605@apache.org%3e )
Finally, you can search through the derby archives, for instance using nabble, for examples of issues others have brought up in this area.
Finally, please stop logging jira issues for questions, and please, please stop the annoying exclamation marks.
Seeing you log a JIRA issue, and seeig those exclamation marks certainly made me less interested to answer your question, rather than more, so you're achieving the opposite from what I assume you want to.