Hi Jean,

I just noticed that Quick Start is both a tab and an entry on the Home tab.  I do find this quite disconcerting.  I think that consistency in how the navigational features work is important for ease of use.  Having an entry jump to a new tab violates consistency.

Other oddities:
>From the Download tab, click License.  Now you're on the Home tab.
>From the Download tab, click  The navbar collapses, rather than highlighting
>From the Community tab, click FAQs.  Now you're on the Home tab again.

I think it would be helpful to have consistency in how heading levels on the navbar correspond to pages in the text area.  For example, each major heading level is its own page and each subhead is a jump on the text page.  Or, each heading, major or minor, is a new page and jumps within a page are not shown on the navbar (not needed since they appear in the TOC at the top of the page).

Finally, I think it would help the overall design to have off-site links such as the Quick Links to open a new window.

BTW, I really like the new colors.

-- Michelle

Jean T. Anderson wrote:
Stanley Bradbury wrote:
Only one thing I noticed needed tweaking .  The tab: Quick Start never 'highlights' (shows active) - the HOME tab is darkened when 'Quick Start' is selected (the proper page is displayed). 

This is a side effect of also listing the page on the Home tab. Clicking
on the Click Start tab then jumps to that page on the Home tab.

Since the quick start page is the only page for the Quick Start tab, I'd
like to leave it associated with the contents of the Home tab, unless
people feel it's too distracting.

thanks for the feedback,