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From Oleg Zenzin <ozen...@lohika.com>
Subject Re[2]: insert BLOB with Derby tools
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2006 11:26:07 GMT
really thanks for your reply - I started to think my question a matter
of history.
In my case the BLOB is presumed not only for XML docs (we'd use CLOB,
or better varchar for that), but any resource, for instance - pics, or
some other format docs. We keep MIME-type field in that DB to mark
what type of content stored in that BLOB.
From your answer I could conclude that there are no concerns till now
abt BLOB direct insert/import/export (I saw that restriction for
import in the doc). From the first look it doesn't seems complex to
built-in a system function which works with input-output stream based
on URI/URL to resource of BLOB content. What do you think?


Thursday, April 20, 2006, 8:44:41 AM, your letter:

> On 4/14/06, Oleg Zenzin <ozenzin@lohika.com> wrote:
>> I need to execute some
>> SQL script that will insert data, let's say from file, into a field of
>> BLOB type. There are tools in DB2, MS_SQL or Oracle which usually use
>> some built-in functions or tools and help to execute SQL insert with
>> BLOB, but no such thing in Derby.
>> I need to execute sql like
>> INSERT INTO items (uri, content_type, data) values
>> ('unique_url_used_as_key', 'application/xml', BLOB);
>> Is there anything providing this funcionality (except OJB)?

> It's not clear to me, are you trying to insert the entire XML document
> into the BLOB? Or just the content (and not the markup)?

> If you want to insert the entire XML document, there is limited
> support for XML types in Derby, try searching the
> derby-dev@db.apache.org mailing list for how to use it.

> If you want to insert data/content from inside an XML documentinto a
> blob, that is currently outside the scope of Derby's import procedure
> as it doesn't handle inserting into a BLOB (see

> andrew

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