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From Glenn Marintes <gl...@janet.co.jp>
Subject Re: derby and torque transaction handling
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 03:45:31 GMT
Hi Dan!
Thanks for your quick reply.
> Derby supports multiple connections. Other than that I'm not sure I can
> help. Does this tutorial help?
I will verify Derby's multiple concurrent connections support then. I 
had got some info from one
of my superiors telling me that Derby does not support multiple 
concurrent Connections :(
Its best to try it out I think.

> http://db.apache.org/derby/integrate/db_torque.html
Yes. I had read this tutorial.

Regarding Derby, I'm having some trouble with it.
I get an SQLException with "XSDF1" sql state when I try to 
executeQuery("CREATE TABLE <more ...>");

Its kinda weird because the same executeQuery call works on another test 
class. But when I run
the real app, I always get the XSDF1 exception. Please note that I have 
tried the execute() and executeUpdate()

I have 1GB+ free space on the drive where Derby db is being created :(
What are the other reasons for the XSDF1 sql state?

Thanks and more power!

* Glenn M. Marintes
* Software Development Section

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