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From Panayiotis Vlissidis <pvlissi...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Are Sequences(Generators) supported?
Date Sun, 30 Apr 2006 10:14:51 GMT
Thanks for the quick response!.

I would rather not create a table as I have a generic code that updates the database tables(deletes,
inserts, modifies tables) that works with the DB's metadata and a static declaration of all
the DB schema that might change as the application's version changes. I would prefer not to
have to declare the generators as tables as errors might occur(such as forgetting to declare
the generator or deleting by mistake) that would cause the generators tables to be deleted
and the sequence to be lost!

So is this the only way for creating a generator? No built-in support for it? Is there any
plan for supporting such a feature in the future, and if so when would that be?

Thanks again for any responses.

Masoud Kalali <kalali@gmail.com> wrote: 

Yes It is supported , you can build a table with a field that will 
automatically increment due to inserting data.
for example :

create table tinc{
idenCol  integer not null generate always as identity,

also in case that you need sometimes to insert some values for the 
identity field you can use :

create table tinc{
idenCol  integer not null generate by default as identity,

AFAIR , in Interbase we defined a generator and then we used that 
generator in a trigger which put a new value for a column , Am i correct ?
it is a long time that i did not used that Interbase/FierBird thingy

Panayiotis Vlissidis wrote:
> Hello all!
> I just found out about derby( through Java DB) and I would like to know 
> if the feature of Oracle sequences(or Firebird generators) is supported 
> in order to automatically retreive and store a unique number, is 
> supported in any way?
> Thanks in advance.
> Panayiotis Vlissidis

Regards , Masoud Kalali

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