is there a way to express the same as ""hesitate"" word
i don't know what mean :-( sorry

On 3/15/06, Jean T. Anderson <> wrote:
yeradis wrote:
> jean thanks you very much
> i will write a line to the commitee for permission
> i was looking for the logo because i'm rebuilding a web site and one of the
> links is for derby
> and also because i'm preparing a serial of derby articles
> and i was lookingfor  the derby logo to desing  the cover
> here is a preview
> on each article will be  a  subtitle keeping this General title that you can
> see on the image i send you ;-)
> i'm preparing this articles on openoffice writer
> i know i'm not the best indicated to do this but this is a way is better for
> me to explote the derby functionality and with this work others ;-) will be
> beneficiated because is prepared by a derby dummy user ;-) ;-p for other
> that want to learn derby  ;-)

cool! writing about Derby will help you learn it -- and don't hesitate
to ask questions.