jean thanks you very much
i will write a line to the commitee for permission
i was looking for the logo because i'm rebuilding a web site and one of the links is for derby
and also because i'm preparing a serial of derby articles
and i was lookingfor  the derby logo to desing  the cover

here is a preview

on each article will be  a  subtitle keeping this General title that you can see on the image i send you ;-)

i'm preparing this articles on openoffice writer

i know i'm not the best indicated to do this but this is a way is better for me to explote the derby functionality and with this work others ;-) will be beneficiated because is prepared by a derby dummy user ;-) ;-p for other that want to learn derby  ;-)

On 3/15/06, Jean T. Anderson <> wrote:
yeradis wrote:
> i found the logo
> in the wiki page

It's on my to do list to move the wiki page with the logos to the web site.

Everyone needs to be aware that if you want to use any Apache logo
outside Apache -- for a t-shirt, a poster, or whatever -- first ask the
Apache Public Relations Committee ( for permission. In my
experience the PRC has been very responsive to requests.