OpenOffice and JDBC for data access

well i'm new here in the use of derby engine
and i'm a windows user adapted to the windows way (windows , frames buttons and more, far away from the console)
and my starting point was crude because i'm a windows slave :-p
well i was looking for a GUI to create my db , my tables fields and more
i was looking for the easiest and i think is the open office the way
here are the step to use open office and derby

the url :=
and the article
sorry by my english i'm cuban
ah and these work on windows too
i'm workin on the windows version for the open office version 2

OpenOffice and JDBC for data access

From EACTS Congenital Database

It is possible to access the database directly from OpenOffice, using JDBC connection. To do it, take the following steps.

  1. Backup your data. See: data backup.
  2. Download and install OpenOffice 1.9 (beta) or newer. You can get it from [1]. Please note that this instruction will not work with OpenOffice 1.x. You need version at least 1.9.
  3. Download Derby from
  4. From downloaded derby archive extract file named derby.jar and place it somewhere on the hard disk. Remember where you put it.
  5. Run OpenOffice. Open tools->Options. Go to>Java. Click on "Class path" button. Click on "Add archive". Find and select the derby.jar file and press "Open". Press OK in Class Path window. Press OK in options window.
  6. Open File->New->Database
  7. Select "Connect to an existing database" and choose "JDBC" database. Press Next.
  8. In the "Datasource URL" type "derby:" and then (without space) the DataCollectionSoftware folder for data. It's normally named "EactsCongenitalDatabase" and placed in your home directory. It should look like this:
  9. In the "JDBC Driver Class" type exactly as shown below:
  10. Press "Next"
  11. You don't need to type in the user name. Press "Next"
  12. Press "Finish"
  13. Type in the file name, for example "eacts_direct". Press "Save"
  14. Click on "Tables" on the left side. You should see the list of tables in the database.

Warning! You can easily damage the database by changing its contents directly!

Above configuration was tested only on GNU/Linux.

Please note: Only one program can access the database folder at a time. This means that you can't open OpenOffice Base and EACTS Congenital Database at the same time.

On 3/7/06, yeradis <> wrote:
thanks for your words
it's true
at the end the speed is almost the same and coding directly in sql is best
i just try to pass to this technology easily because for me now in this moment is easily digest a graphical model like you mentioned than digest a text model
the thing is i have to show the advantages of all this derby tech but
what is the easy way to explain all  this to people that only now something similar to access or sql server or visio for create DB ?

i'm looking for a tool that easely i can say this is the table this are the fields and this is the field type
and these are the behavoirs for this table and that fields

Erwin is a great tool but the version i had is no updated to support derby i suposse there is a new version
but here from cuba is to difficult adquire some things

you know the laws  vs cuba

in this moment i'm using squirrel SQL
is a great option FOR ME
not for other in the team :-(

thanks again for your words

and whats is the url of your own bussisnes ???

On 3/7/06, <> wrote:

I think for the amount of work that you have, and at your level of skill, you may want to spend some time developing SQL by hand.


The reason I suggest this is that you will have a better understanding of what is your database as well as the syntax behind your "point and click" world.

Consider that the majority of your time is spent on developing the model and not the syntax, you're not really going to save any time.  Your comment about "slowing you down" and spending time elsewhere is a point of concern.  Once you learn the syntax of SQL, you should be a lot more efficient.


I would recommend that if you're looking for a good "logical DBA" tool, then consider Erwin. The only downside is that its now being sold by CA and they are charging somewhere north of $3,000 USD.

Before people balk at the price tag, consider what you get for the money. As a professional DBA/developer, its really a great tool. 


I'm not running Erwin, yet, because I recently went back to running my own shop after leaving IBM. But it is on my wish list and will be one of my first major purchases…

But then again, I'm being called on to support IDS/DB2/Oracle/Sybase/ etc …for various customers. So having a graphical model for documentation is a good thing.


Just my .02 cents….

From: yeradis []
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thanks for your comments
that's true
i can use that tools
in fact i dont use that tools
i'm building the tables and others using pure sql
but this is a slow way
creating the tables and more with sql is more fast but the thing to do after . a i mean convert some variables and others decrease the speed that i need

really i need to program only waht i need like procedures views funtions packages queries and other
like i do now ,and if is visually better , with this way i go fast
only waste my development time in other things that really have the trouble

thanks again to you
and sorry by my english i'm cuban

On 3/7/06, Rhys Campbell <> wrote:

Just an idea…


You could build your database graphically in SQL server, script out the database and then translate the SQL into something that Derby could understand. I have done this in other situations but not with Derby. Not ideal but it may remove most of the effort.


I have used tools that convert MS SQL database SQL into Oracle SQL. Maybe there is a tool like this for Derby?


Personally I'd make the effort to learn SQL better so you can write all the SQL yourself. I find this easier than having to adjust to various graphical tools.






From: yeradis [mailto:]
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Subject: easy way to create a DB with multiple tables exists ?


first all sorry by my english

i'm a developer who want to start using de derby core to develop my apps
but i'm a windows user/developer
that have the mania of use sql server , ms access and that tools

and i'm having trouble to adaptate me to use the rustic way to build and maintin the derby database

there is an easy way to build an maintan a derby database???
i mean a graphical IDE like ms access

i founded iSQL that is more easy than ij but it is rustic
the workbench of ibm don't work with embedded databse

and realy i want to use derby core


and again sorry by my english