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From Thomas Vatter <thomas.vat...@network-inventory.de>
Subject Re: order by
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 21:08:43 GMT

I have analysed the situation by importing multiplications of the small 
and working spreadsheet. The import again slowed down and then stops at 
1200 records (ui goes on with progress indicator, it does not catch the 
problem). The same slowdown and stop at 1200 records happens when I show 
the data in the Application. When this happens memory usage is always 
between 912 and 960mb. The machine has 1gb. This prevented me from 
understandig that it is a memory problem. Now I am 'sure' it is one. 
I have several processes running at once, the derby networkserver, 
my applications rmi server, my applications client and the ide. I 
have to do the data testing with 40.000 records in the database not 
only 1.200, so perhaps I should install the database server on a 
remote machine to have a chance to succeed.

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