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From Thomas Vatter <thomas.vat...@network-inventory.de>
Subject Re: order by
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 14:54:06 GMT
Michael Segel <msegel@...> writes:

> Ok...
> Maybe I'm a tad slow... (Lack of sleep and not enough coffee...)
> You said that the problem only occurs with your one result set.
> When you say that you're getting the data from a spreadsheet, how are you
> reading it in? Are you trying to access the raw XLS dataset? Or did you
> export the data as a .csv file?
> I don't believe it's a bug because of the fact that it only occurs in one
> data set, and that you could be introducing an error in a couple of places.
> (The data set itself for example.)(load program)
> So what am I missing?

you are right, data importing could be the problem, I am just coding a table
level locking to make the import faster, and to find out why import sometimes
produces errors, it has a debug output that shows me what it does so I can see
if it gets the right data.

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