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From "Paul DeCoursey" <p...@decoursey.net>
Subject Re: Issue creating db
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 22:10:32 GMT
Well looking some more, I am using a newer version of Tomcat. I have no
access to the server other than to reload the tomcat context and to
upload files. I will try and see if I can set the derby home, I think
that may be my only option.



>>Hi Paul,
>>I have no simple answer for you, just things/questions to try to
figure what
>>the problem is...
>>- Did you use the same version of the server?
>>- Can you look at the system and e.g. do a find for derby.log to see if it
>>got created?
>>- Did you install the server from scratch or are you merely 'injecting'
>>(that's not a technical term) your web ap into an existing server?
>>- You should be able to configure the web.xml to start your app with a -
>>Dderby.system.home= , I think. You might be able to try it out in your
>>- You really want to see more logs...Can you bounce the server? If so, see
>>if there is a -verbose parameter...
>>On 3/8/06, Paul DeCoursey <paul@decoursey.net > wrote:
>>> I built a web application that is using an Embeded Derby DB.  It works
>>> fine on my development and Test environments, Dev is a Mac OSX
>>> workstation and test is a Windows XP workstation.  But when I install on
>>> the production server, Linux of some sort, it fails. I get this error:

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