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From "Rhys Campbell" <rhys.campb...@da-systems.co.uk>
Subject No current connection
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 01:20:46 GMT

I'm using Derby for a current project for the first time. Got on with it pretty well until

My app starts up a database, drops a few views and then recreates them. When another one of
my Java classes moves on to do a small SELECT (that should yield a single result). The exception
"No current connection" is raised with the query obviously failing.

I have checked the Derby.log but I am warned that the file is binary, when it opens in my
editor, and a load of "junk" is displayed. I did use a little tool called "fd" which is a
oct / hex character editor. This did make some sections of text legible but I couldn't see
anything useful to explain my issue.

Can anyone offer me any pointers?

Many thanks,


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