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From Stanley Bradbury <Stan.Bradb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [web] Derby site reorganization
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2006 01:26:04 GMT
Jean T. Anderson wrote:

>I reorganized the Derby web site and put a review copy here:
>1) Some time ago somebody mentioned the blue menu on the left was too
>dark. It turned out to be easy to change it to beige in the forrest
>config file.
>Is beige an improvement?
>Or leave it blue?
>2) Added a "Quick Start" page, linked to on the Home tab and the home
>4) Added a "Download" tab to make downloads even easier to find.
>(Geronimo and XmlBeans have Download tabs.)
>5) Renamed Manuals tab to "Documentation".
>6) Renamed "Integration" tab to "Resources" (idea from XmlBeans)
>"Integration" has always struck me as very specific and not everyone
>might understand what it means.
>do you like it? hate it? any suggestions?
Wow - this looks great.  I really like the color change - makes it much 
easier on the eyes (mine anyway).  Please be aware that because of a 
touch of color blindness it  looks grey to me (with the slightest cast 
of beige thrown in) - but regardless I like the change.

Only one thing I noticed needed tweaking .  The tab: Quick Start never 
'highlights' (shows active) - the HOME tab is darkened when 'Quick 
Start' is selected (the proper page is displayed). 

Good work.

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