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From Stanley Bradbury <Stan.Bradb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [WWD] Chap 3 and 4 submitted for review
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 20:04:39 GMT
yeradis wrote:

> hi stanley , GREAT JOB
> there is a problem (i think is a problem maibe not) but
> in ALL documents i had read said the same way to configure the derby 
> engine on windows
> and  say
> On Windows platforms:
> -------------------------------------------
> set DERBY_HOME=C:\derby
> copy %DERBY_HOME%\demo\scripts\toursDB.sql .
> the command SET for me on windows dont work on any way
> maibe my windows is guilty, i have windows 2003 enterprise edition
> and dont handle the console command very well , i dont know , but i 
> tried to setup parameters on windows using the way that is described 
> in all documents and no one work for me
> i want to think is my windows that has a problem
> i can use derby because i go directly to the derby database and use 
> all frome there
> for example if i want to go to use IJ i point my console path to 
> C:\DB-Derby-\frameworks\embedded\bin
> i mean
> c:\>cd DB-Derby-\frameworks\embedded\bin
> and use it
> if i want to use the derby to test some options i say to me JBuilder , 
> that the derby driver is a library required by my project
> i'm was working on the solution to try to fix this problem of the 
> setup for me and to comunicate how i fixed , but i cant in this 
> momento there is a problem with a system i built and the problem is 
> with core of the operating system :-(
> very well stanley i think is very good your job
> and Jeff Levitt
> you have the rigth on some of your topic , but stanley is writing 
> listening the opinion from people like us you and me jeff, and others 
> course
> maibe how now , tomorrow stanley found a new way to write that is 
> accesible to all us and change the format of  the book he is writing
> jeff --> i think the answer is that it is a document for users who are 
> more advanced, and so I think we could skip some of the more basic
> descriptions of what the code is doing.  We should focus more on the 
> Derby-specific steps
> i think you have true but not in all
> yes is true that can have more adanced skills
> but i think the work that stanley is doing MUST BE FOR EVERY BODY i 
> dont think what stanley think  sorry to speak by me
> but i think mus be for beginners users to advanced users , increasing 
> the percent of skills
> i need to have points for beginners and for for medium user and for 
> advanced users
> and if you are an advanced user just skip the part you think is to 
> obvious to you and go to the point that is from your interest
> stanley i think you must give your opinion of what is the orientation 
> of your work wtih your write
> from beginner , medium , advanced ???
> jeff is true that stanley need found the BEST format for what he is 
> writing
> but if he want and i thinks yes , he will listen our all opinions and 
> the decide waht to do
> stanley here you have my hand and mind if you want and opinion
> thanks again stanley for your job
> and sorry for my english people
  ...  S N I P  ...
HI Yeradis -

I checked some Win2K3 docs online and they list the SET command as being 
available like on the other Windows OS so I am wondering if what you are 
using (you refer to it as the 'console command') is a different 
environment from a CMD.EXE shell which supports the commands 
documented.  Start a command shell by Clicking on 'Start / Run' then 
type  'cmd.exe' in the dialog box and click 'OK'.  This should start a 
shell that will support the commands documented in the WWD document.  
There should be help for CMD.EXE in the Windows Help.

Please let me know if this resolves your problem.

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