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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: order by
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 09:01:02 GMT
Thomas Vatter wrote:
> I have analysed the situation by importing multiplications of the small 
> and working spreadsheet. The import again slowed down and then stops at 
> 1200 records (ui goes on with progress indicator, it does not catch the 
> problem). The same slowdown and stop at 1200 records happens when I show 
> the data in the Application. When this happens memory usage is always 
> between 912 and 960mb. The machine has 1gb. This prevented me from 
> understandig that it is a memory problem. Now I am 'sure' it is one. 
> I have several processes running at once, the derby networkserver, 
> my applications rmi server, my applications client and the ide. I 
> have to do the data testing with 40.000 records in the database not 
> only 1.200, so perhaps I should install the database server on a 
> remote machine to have a chance to succeed.

Hello Thomas,

I agree that it would be a good test to run the Derby network server on 
a different machine than your application code/processes. That way, you 
should be able to monitor the memory usage on the machines better.

I do have a few questions.
* What operating system are you running?

* What parameters, if any, do you pass to the Java VM? I'm thinking of 
those that determine how much memory the VM is allowed to use.

* You say "memory usage is always between 912 and 960mb". It is your 
Java process that uses this memory, or is this the total usage for the 

* How big is a record? Since you are talking about a spreadsheet here, I 
imagine a record is a line in it, and thus not very big.

* It would also be helpful if you are able to import the data somehow, 
and then try to do some queries against the database from ij.

If you run into problems getting the network server running, don't 
hesitate asking for help. You also have a search box on the Derby 
website and the various manuals that you can use.
Don't forget to specify the host argument when starting the network 
server (or else it will only accept connections from localhost):
'java -classpath derbynet.jar org.apache.derby.drda.NetworkServerControl 
-h my.hostname.or.ip start'

(or use the scripts as described in the documentation)


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