Hi Rick,
You need help, info and software from the people who own Cloudscape 3.6 and 5.1.60 and things in between - which is IBM...
I don't think there is a direct way to go from Cloudscape 3.6 to (Derby/Cloudscape)10. A Cloudscape 5.1.60 database is not compatible with Derby. You'll have to analyze how documented incompatibilities affect your database and app (assuming you have one), especially if you've used any non (SQL/JDBC) standard features.
On 2/1/06, Rick Strong <rstrong@panix.com> wrote:

I am attempting to migrate some very old Cloudscape databases (v. 3.6)
to Derby.

It appears that I have to first migrate from Cloudscape 3.6 to
Cloudscape 5.1; this step seems to be a matter of opening the database
using Cloudscape 5.1 and including "upgrade=true" in the connection URL.
Problem: I don't have a copy of 5.1. Is this available anywhere?

The next step seems to be to use the IBM migration kit that is
apparently able to take a Cloudscape 5.1 database to the Cloudscape 10.x
level. Would there be any problem using the upgraded database with the
current version of Derby?

Is there any more direct way to take the database from Cloudscape 3.6 to
Derby 10.X?

Thanks for any help!


Rick Strong