I'll reiterate my understanding, repeating David's assertion that I'm not speaking for Sun officially.

There is no intent by Sun to maintain a separate code line for any reason including patches or new functionality that is not available to the community. We're *not* forking the code base.

Translating into practicality, if a supported customer reports a bug, and Sun support fixes it, the fix will be made to the Derby code base as soon as practical. Sun might cut an emergency patch for a customer, but won't bogard the fix.


aside to Michael: for the younger crowd here: I can't find a good reference to "bogard that joint". any pointers?

On Feb 15, 2006, at 1:52 PM, David W. Van Couvering wrote:

I can't speak officially for Sun, but I do know that it has always been the intent of the Sun Derby development team for *all* patches/bugfixes/changes made for customers of Java DB to be made in the Derby code base, not on some separate forked version of the code.


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We do a *lot* of testing, including long-running tests and large
database size tests.  We're trying to add more and more tests,
robustness and compatibility are key goals for many of us on this team.

If you really need a production-level support, you should probably go
through Sun (Java DB) or IBM (Cloudscape).


[mjs] This then begs the question....
Suppose a *supported* customer finds a bug. Does that mean that either SUN
or IBM which offers support, will fix said bug? Will they then release it
back to the general community, or do they intend to maintain their own
patched distribution chain?
I know I've asked this question a couple of times, yet no one from either
Sun or IBM are willing to respond.

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