Sylvain RICHET wrote:
Though it is astonishing there is no way to address/access the "row number" on DERBY , whereas it's possible with other database systems...

Have you ever heard about any workaround ?
I dont think that you can find a workaround for this.
if you file a Jira entry i will vote for it.

On 2/17/06, Legolas Woodland <> wrote:
Sylvain RICHET wrote:
Thanks Legolas,

... but limiting the fetch size by JDBC API supported methods (setFetchSize) implies that i have already loaded ALL records from database, no ?

I asked about this feature  sometimes before.
it is not present in current derby version , but you can vote on its jira entry or create a jira entry for it.

However, the datas persisted in my DERBY database concern logging. It means that i would have to get thousands of records.

On 2/17/06, Legolas Woodland < > wrote:
Sylvain RICHET wrote:
Hi everyone,

In a selection statement, i would like to get blocks of records.
Thus, i need to filter records by a "row number", directly at the SELECT level.

It seems that the way to address a row number is not (SQL) standard.
(different "proprietary" implementations)

In Oracle, there is the "rowid".
In MySQL, the "LIMIT" clause can do it.
In SQL Server, i think there is the "ROW_NUMBER() OVER..."
In DB2 (on AS/400) , there is the "RRN" (Relative Record Number)...

What about Derby database ?
How is it implemented on this server ?

I know i could use

Thanks in advance.
Derby sql does not has any facilities for limiting number of rows in select statement.
you can just limit the fetch size in JDBC resultSets.