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From Maciek <wegor...@interia.pl>
Subject Re: Derby db files get corrupted
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 23:08:07 GMT
> what jvm was the problem encountered under, prior to jdk1.4.2 on some
> OS/JVM combinations derby could not properly prevent 2 JVM's from
> booting on the same db at that same time.  This could lead to all sorts
> of problems.

Well I do not manage multiple access. This is standalone application so trying
to run it twice leads to multiple access, but in such situation JDBC driver
forbids to connect for second instance.
But I will look at it closer. Maybe preventing running two apps silmutanously
would solve all the problems.

> What JVM?

> what OS?
WinXP Service Pack 2

> what device is the db on (ie. ide disk on single machine, some sort of
> shared disk across multiple machines).
IDE disk (C:) on one machine.

> I was not clear from below, do multiple users use the same database -
> possibly trying at the same time?
They are not supposed to do, but I check what if running the app multiple times.


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