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From Andre Höing <andre...@uni-paderborn.de>
Subject Re: Derby with fast transactions?
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 16:37:20 GMT
Thomas Hallgren wrote:
> Andre Höing wrote:
>> Every time i get a single triple or a group of them from another node 
>> in the
>> network (a DHT Network), I have to check if I already saved a Triple 
>> with that
>> Subject Predicate and Object and if not I have to insert it.
>> Thanks a lot for your help.
> Make sure you have a combined unique constraint on the triple.Put the 
> most unique column first in that constraint. Skip the check 
> altogether. Simply insert the record. If it's a duplicate, the insert 
> will fail on a unique key violation.
> Kind Regards,
> Thomas Hallgren
Thanks a lot. It works. Problem solved ;)


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