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From "Jim Newsham" <jnews...@referentia.com>
Subject RE: embedded derby -- does it leak
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 20:34:57 GMT


Thanks for the clarification.  We are in agreement.  

> The key is to identify the reported bugs and consider the following
> metrics:
> 1) The severity of the bug. (Factor in the frequency and conditions that
> caused the bug to pop up)
> 2) Time from Bug reporting to when it was confirmed/reproduced and what
> was
> the suggested fix/work around.
> 3) Time to patch release or next "dot" version release.
> These should be more critical in your decision making than just having a
> memory leak reported.

Agreed.  This is why I decided to dig further by contacting the mailing
list, rather than simply walking away after having identified a few bugs in
JIRA (which may have been my colleague's approach).  I haven't been able to
talk to him as he's been out of the office, but I'm hoping to get some more
details and perhaps source code from him.  Either way, I'll need to do some
further testing.


Jim Newsham

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