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From "Timothy Luksha \(RIT Student\)" <tjl6...@rit.edu>
Subject RE: apache derby with CDC/JSR 169
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 14:08:51 GMT
>Derby requires classes from the Foundation profile to work, if you don't
>have that in your environment then there's not much hope. Here's a link
>I've found to Sun's foundation profile, it claims to have reference
>implementations, I haven't looked further.
What I intended to mean was that I don't have foundation profile files available to me on
the machine I would use to build derby with.  The machine I actually attempt to run derby
on does have the foundation profile and the extra jdbc classes on it.  The reason why I kept
bringing it up is because I wanted to build my own versions of derby, but everything should
be setup correctly for me to run the binary version of derby available for download.   I am
still playing around with derby here and will mail out any interesting results I get. I was
having trouble setting the classpath earlier on derby but it seems to be having some effect
when i use -Djava.class.path.  These are two more results I've had from fiddling with the
cvm command line.   It's strange that the nullPointerException only occurs with the specific
cvm arguments I showed in my other post.

 /mnt/newjava/bin/cvm -Xbootclasspath:/usr/local/java/lib/cdc.jar:/mnt/newjava/lib/cdc_jdbc_classes:/mnt/Luksha/db-derby-10/1/2/1-binold/lib/derby.jar
-Djava.class.path=/mnt/Luksha/db-derby- SimpleAppJSR169

SimpleAppJSR169 starting in embedded mode.
exception thrown:
SQL Exception: Failed to create database 'derbyDB', see the next exception for details.
SQL Exception: Startup failed due to an exception. See next exception for details.
SQL Exception: Java exception: ': java.lang.StackOverflowError'.
SimpleAppJSR169 finished

I have the derby.log from this if anyone is interested.  It is quite long so I didn't post
it here.

 /usr/local/java/bin/cvm -Xbootclasspath:/usr/local/java/lib/cdc.jar:/mnt/newjava/lib/cdc_jdbc_classes
-Djava.class.path=/mnt/Luksha/db-derby- SimpleAppJSR169

SimpleAppJSR169 starting in embedded mode.
Process #613 received signal 11
Process #613 being suspended
Stopped (signal)

In this second attempt the derbyDB folder and a bunch of files inside of it are created before
signal 11 is received.  I think I will try putting CVM on another machine and see what happens.

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