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From Thomas Hallgren <tho...@tada.se>
Subject Re: Derby Eclipse-plugin that is useful by other plugins.
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2006 13:00:40 GMT
Susan Cline wrote:
> I think what you are asking for is a valid request.  Could you file a 
> JIRA request for this as an enhancement to the Derby plug-ins?

https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-897 created.

>     Following the Derby recommendations, that would be the case. This 
> might be a special case
>     where it would be appropriate for each plugin to have their 
> databases in their own state
>     location so that the databases would be deployed/undeployed 
> automatically together w ith the
>     plugin that owns it. I know to little about Derby to see the 
> ramifications of that though.
>     Any advice is greatly appreciated.
>     I can understand what you mean here, and I'm not sure about the 
> best way to handle it either.  If the database was part of the 
> "client" plug-in, the plug-in that depended on the derby plug-in,  
> then removing that client plug-in would also remove the database which 
> would be a clean way to do it.  But on the other hand I'm not sure if 
> this would work from a standpoint of Derby - if the Derby plug-in were 
> to load the derby jar file I think this would not work, because only 
> one derby.system.home would be available for the multiple plug-ins 
> that relied on derby.jar.   In this case, derby.system.home would need 
> to be in the derby plug-ins state directory.
>     I would think that the "client" plug-in would have to be 
> responsible for removing the derby database from derby.system.home if 
> there was an "uninstall" option for the plug-in - or something where 
> you could "clean-up" when you removed the plug-in.
>     Does that make sense?
It makes sense and the more I think of it it's probably not that 
important anyway. The databases are local to one particular workspace. I 
don't think Eclipse cleans out other meta-data when plugins are removed.

Thanks for all insights. I'll create my own central Derby plugin for now 
(easy enough) and hope that someone creates the one that I requested so 
that I can swap it in the future and perhaps avoid conflicts.

Kind regards,
Thomas Hallgren

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