Hi Tom,
I always thought derby.war was only supposed to have the web.xml in it.
The web.xml refers to org.apache.derby.drda.NetServlet which lives in derbynet.jar.
You're supposed to make the derbynet.jar available to the app server's classpath - either plop it somewhere where it will automatically be picked up, or modify the configuration files to include it from your favorite location.

On 12/11/05, Thomas Dudziak <tomdzk@gmail.com> wrote:

it seems like the derby.war was not created correctly during the build
of the current release. It is only 729 bytes big and contains only the
web.xml file, no jars or other things. And the docs specify the wrong
place for the war - $DERBY_INSTALL/frameworks/NetworkServer/war
instead of $DERBY_INSTALL/lib.