If you don't specify location as described in my previous post, the databases are created in "user.dir" system property i think. If you want, you could dynamically compute a path name based on "user.home" and you could always expect it to be in the user's home directory for example.

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Thank you for reading my post.
Where derby create each database directory ?
It looks that there is no standard data directory (like mysql )
I tried to build database with Netbeans Database manager , it placed database somewhere in netbeans home
i tried to build using IBM derby workbench , it put database directory in some other dir ....
Is there any mechanism to tell derby server to look at One Directory for its databases ?
for example look under e:\derbyData\ for all database names ?

if it is not possible , how i can connect to a database which is located in c:\document and settings\legolas\legData¬  by using network driver ?

Thank you.