I'm using Linux Fedora core 4 and working through the eclipse derby plugin help section. I start the server from within eclipse and it seems ok. I get

Server is ready to accept connections on port 1527.

When I run netstat, port 1527 is in the LISTEN mode. Also I can see the process active.

using IJ I get the following.
ij> connect
ERROR (no SQLState): java.security.PrivilegedActionException : Error
opening socket to server localhost on port 1527 with message : null

When I look at the derby.log there is no evidence of a connection. When I try to do a shutdown I get

Could not connect to Derby Network Server on the host localhost, port

I have also tried t he ping argument in NetworkServerControl with no success.

I have used telnet to make a connection, and when I submit a message I get a protocol failure which makes sense.  The failure also shows up in the log file.

I'm open to suggestions.  Thanks.