The error message does sound misleading in this case. Can you enter a JIRA entry to track this issue?

On 11/11/05, Veaceslav Chicu <cs@infologic.fr> wrote:
create table acc.account
account_id integer not null,
plan_id integer not null
create table acc.trans
plan_id integer not null,
credit_id integer not null,
alter table acc.account add constraint account_pk primary key
(account_id, plan_id);

alter table acc.trans add constraint trans_credit_fk foreign key
(plan_id, credit_id) references acc.account (plan_id, account_id)
       on delete restrict on update restrict;

SQL Exception: Constraint 'TRANS_CREDIT_FK' is invalid: there is no
unique or primary key constraint on table ' ACC.ACCOUNT' that matches the
number and types of the columns in the foreign key.

if in trans_credit_fk I change with places plan_id, account_id, it works

it's a probleme of order, but message is wrong

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