Problem was located - Apache config
file wrongly set php ini directory to c:\php
instead of c:\windows.

Please disregard db2_undefined function comments!

J. Pannozzi

On 11/5/05, James Pannozzi <> wrote:
No problem connecting to Derby from C...vial CLI?

set to c:\php in apache conf file.
Please disregard db2_ "undefined function"

Well good, then I'm hoping someone could tell me
why I can get PHP to talk to Derby via unified ODBC
but when I try to use functions such as db2_connect,
I get "undefined function".   If I change it to
"odbc_connect" it sees it OK but does not
recognize my table names.

(windows xp, Apache, PHP 5, Derby 10.1)

I've checked my php.ini about 48 times and the
extensions for db2 are there.   I've installed
the IBM DB2 Lite Client and I've even tried copying
the php_db2 dll to c:\windows\system32 but it still
does not recognize any functions begining with "db2_".
I also have the appropriate settings in my apache conf
Could it be that the version of php I installed (from the zip file, not
the installer) does not have support for db2 compiled into it?
How do you tell.

Settings I'm using follow:

>From my php.ini

ibm_db2.instance_home="C:\Program Files\IBM\Cloudscape_10.1"

On 11/4/05, Dan Scott < > wrote:
Yep, I've written ODBC and CLI programs that connect to Derby via the
network server.

It's not really odd at all. In fact, that's how PHP, Perl, Python, etc
all connect to Derby -- the corresponding DB2 driver they rely on is
basically a C application. You just approach Derby as a regular
database server that just happens to be written in Java, rather than a
Java application that happens to be a database server.


On 11/4/05, Nicolas Dufour <> wrote:
> Michael Segel wrote:
> > While this seems weird, there is a serious reason behind this.
> >
> > I wouldn't expect anyone to embed Derby in to a C app, however, with the
> > network interface/framework... Well you get the idea.
> >
> > -G
> >
> >
> Hello Michael
> My java program has parts in C and access to derby from C but with the
> help of java methods using JNI.
> It seems the only solution ...
> Nicolas