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From "David W. Van Couvering" <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Submitted new logos
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 22:12:09 GMT
I guess since I'm calling for the vote, I get to make the rules 
(although of course I'm open to comments) :)

An image must be attached to the JIRA issue and explicitly licensed to 
Apache to be considered for the vote.  If there are four images, each 
image must be uploaded independently.

I'll send out a full set of rules for the vote to get comments; the 
final set of rules will be included with the vote.


John Embretsen wrote:
> Tuesday, November 29, 2005, 8:06:22 PM, Jean T. Anderson wrote:
>>Michael Segel wrote:
>>>Hopefully the artwork that some of these logos are based on are in the
>>>public domain. If you lifted another's copyrighted work and then modified
>>>it, you're on murky ground.
>>It's always good to discuss this important issue. One of the reasons 
>>we're using Jira for logo submission is uploading a file prompts the 
>>submitter to check a bullet that says "Grant license to ASF for 
>>inclusion in ASF works (As per the Apache Software Licnese)".
> Are all four proposals at
> http://www.geocities.com/andrew_kachalo/portfolio/derby/ part of the
> contest, or not?
> The first comment on DERBY-297 consists of this link, and the site
> itself states "this is a demo page derby and it's logo is a property of
> Apache organization" (this is the exact quote as I see it on my screen,
> so the typos are not mine ;) ).
> I can only find one of them (the big feather) on the Jira page itself.
> The way I interpret the rules, only this proposal (of the four) is part of
> the contest.

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